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Utilities and more

A. Electricity/ LIGHTS AND GAS: Entergy is the electrical and gas utility company  in Orleans Parish.

Pros: Easy to set up an account via the phone or online

Con's: You have to be at the building you want power or GAS in a 4 hour increment to get them to turn on the utilities, especially if you have gas on the property.  This can be a pain...assume you have to take the whole day off for this.  The gas person may not be the electric person...the gas person will come in and check to make sure your water heater, (if it is gas) or oven pilot is on.

ENTERGY PHONE NUMBER: 1-800-368-3749

LInk to the Entergy site: http://www.entergy-neworleans.com/


B. Water, Sewer and Garbage and Recycling

Sewage and Water Board (SWB) is the local utility.

Pro's: They respond fast to turn over service, and once you sign up in person, it is very easy to pay your bill online.

Con's: You have to go down and physically be in front of SWB and give them your ID, proof of ownership and your first born.   Their reputation is getting better....take a deep breath, pay for parking and go early in the day, (by 9:00 am).

Their phone number:  (504) 529-2837

Their address on the edge of the CBD: 625 St Joseph St, New Orleans, LA 70165

The website link: https://www.swbno.org/


C. Cable

Cox Communications is your only real choice for high speed and TV at the end of the day...which somewhat stinks the big one. 

Pros: less expensive than some other comparable cities and more reliable

Cons: The installers like to make you wait. And wait.  And keep waiting.  Then they like to send out contractors that wrap your house / apartment with cable like your house is a Christmas tree.

Their customer service number is: 1-866-456-9944

Their website link >>   http://www.cox.com/residential/home.cox


City Hall New Orleans Style

CLICK HERE for the City ONE STOP SHOP on line to pay bills...taxes, tickets and other stuff we hate to pay.

You will notice locals cry alot about taxes and City Hall.  Most of the time neither are as bad or complicated as in other comparable cities.

City Hall tries really hard to get things straight and make it easy for you to give them your money.

If you own a house, you get to deduct the property tax basis for the first $75,000.00 in value....so this can save you money straight up!  When you first buy your house, after about two weeks, goto City Hall and get your name registered so you can this deduction.

Call us at (504) 233-3325.

if you have more questions on how to get things done at City Hall.

Here is the CONTACT INFO  LINK at City Hall


Who to call for utilities, pay taxes & get licensed

New Orleans metro area Utilities & Local Govt agencies Telephone #
Electric - (Entergy) 1(800) 368-3749
Water - (Sewage and Water Board) 529-2837
Phone - (AT&T) 888-757-6500
Garbage: Richard Disposal 241-2141
Garbage: Metro Disposal 520-8331
Garbage: SDT Waste & Disposal 866-459-2783
Cox Communications 304-8444
Orleans Parish Property Tax Department  658-1702
New Orleans Assessor:Ist District  658-1310
New Orleans Assessor2nd District  658-1320
New Orleans Assessor3rd District  658-1330
New Orleans Assessor4thDistrict  658-1340
New Orleans Assessor5th District  658-1350
New Orleans Assessor6th District  658-1360
New Orleans Assessor7th District  658-1370
New Orleans AssessorRegistar of Voters 658-8300
New Orleans Public Schools  304 3520
Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans 596-3023
Orleans Parish Couthouse: Civil District Court , 421 Loyola Ave, Room 402, New Orleans LA 70112 592-9100
First City Court, Room 201 592-9155
Orleans Parish Couthouse:Second City Court (Algiers Courthouse) 225 Morgan St, New Orleans LA 70114 368-4245
LA Drivers License Office 877-DMV-LINE
Police Department Non-emergency 821-2222
Police Emergency 911
Traffic Court Violations Bureau 827-5091
City Hall Information 565-7115
Health Department 565-6900
Residential Parking Pass - 1340 Poydras St Suite 801  
Jefferson Parish Courthouse - 1st Parish Court(Eastbank) 924 David Drive, Metarie LA 7003 736-8900
Jefferson Parish Courthouse - 1st Parish Court(westtbank) 364-2800
Property Tax Department 363-5710
Assessors East Bank- (1221 Elmwood Park Blvd, Suite 901, Harahan, LA 70123  736-6370
Assessors West Bank (200 Dergnigny St, Suite 1100, Gretna, LA  70053 362-4100
Jefferson Parish Department of Water 736-6050
Gas - Jefferson Parish - Atmos Energy (800)621-1867
Electric- Jefferson Parish (Entergy) (800)368-3749
Garbage Collection - Jefferson Parish 468-7515
Jefferson Parish Public Schools 349-7600
Property Tax Payments 363-5710
Jefferson Parish - Recycling / Environmental 736-6104
Voter Registration (West Bank) 349-5690
Voter Registration (East Bank) 736-6191
Louisiana automobile registration (225)925-6146
Louisiana Driver's License / ID Cards (225)925-6146

Latest Mortgage Stories


Insurance - what you need to know

Understanding Insurance requires rethinking what you get for the money and where.  Location is everything...and then elevation comes a close fuzzy second...sometimes.

Understand the following:

1) All the basic elements of a New Orleans building and how they come together.  A seasoned Realtor can help you point out what to look for and give you an example of a typical inspection report to help you get a quick primer on this. The Preservation Resource Center (PRC) has loads of information about Historic Architecture.  When you understand what it takes to build a home or repair a home that is 100+ years old.

2) Location

Your insurance quotes will vary widely...with variances on location due to proximity to:

  • fire hydrants
  • commercial buildings
  • churches

3) Elevation

Post Katrina woes, the fact that a football field will be lost in the Gulf by the time you read this has alot to do with why getting yourself an elevation certificate is very important.  This certificate says how high or low your house is.  It is the number one reason I don't like houses in some areas that are slab on grade, (SOG).  

Property Insurance falls into two overall types:

1) Flood insurance - required by mortgage companies

2) Wind/hail and sometimes called "fire" policy. 

Both have deductibles.

One needs to understand clearly what is really covered in the case of a flood, wind/hurricane or whatever....Understand clearly before you buy that real estate.


Understanding Financing in New Orleans.

When you are considering loan options, take this list with you:

1) Stay local - use a local mortgage broker or local bank.

2) Avoid online, out of town, small out of town, don't know this town if you want to get a loan.

3) If the property you are considering is not a single family home, then carefully choose the mortgage broker and make sure they can lend on a duplex, (2 units), triplex or fourplex.

John Anthony Realty has a specific list of criteria we use to help clients leverage their cash on hand to help clients choose the best mortgage broker options before they look at the first property.

The goal is to have clients be prepared and ready to make an offer when they find the place they want.

Who do we recommend?

It all depends on your needs....specific needs.

1) What you are buying

2) How you are buying

3) Why you are buying

4) Who you are buying with?

5) What is your time frame...to buy, own and sell?

Each of these factors are put into the equation....from which we at John Anthony Realty apply real numbers before you go to a mortgage broker.