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Beyond Mardi Gras are many more variations to the life we have in New Orleans.

From the Mardi Gras Indians to 2nd line parades....there is a constant evolvement of music, art and a constant evolvement of culture.

 This is the place where Jazz was born, this is the home (permanent and temporary) of jazz, blues, versions of reggae and versions of rock and roll, rap, with combinations of zydeco, swamp pop and more.

As a New Orleanian one has the daily opportunity to be a part of this culture and part of where it will be tomorrow.

New Orleans is a special place.  It is a cluster of communities of people of all walks of life from all over the world.  

Caught between a lake, a river and a lot of watery places it forces people to live together...but not pushed in a forceful way but more like slowly simmered like a fine gumbo.

Real Estate Professionals

There are a couple thousand Realtors available to help you. Make sure to use a full time Realtor and ask about:

1) What have they sold/represented recently?

2) References of clients

3) What is the step by step plan to help you?

4) What is their experience? This may not seem important since it may appear "all I want them to do is open the doors so I can see inside".  Door openers make up the majority.  What becomes more important is if that person knows what kind of door that is, what it is worth today and what will it be worth tomorrow. Ask for additional certifications. Ask for the college degree.  You want someone to represent you that knows, lives and breathes the market. Settle for nothing less.

Be clear and concise.  Make your first meeting with them at their office or a coffee shop...not at a property you are interested in.  It is more important to meet the person who will be representing you before you look at any property.  You will do better in a battle if you meet the commander before you are on the battlefield. Buying property is a battlefield..with others vying to buy from under you or over you.  You need to have a conversation without the sensory overload of trying to figure out if a place or a space is right for you while trying to figure out what the agent in front of you is saying or meaning. 

In New Orleans, having that one on one relationship is very important. It is a critical step in the process...for you will at some stage be trusting your money and time in the hands of someone who should be a professional at the business of buying and selling real estate in New Orleans.

Schools,crime avoidance and recreation

Be very clear...New Orleans is in a state of change....it always has, but now the changes are bigger and faster.  This means an area with crime and beat up buildings can be replaced with homeowners with pride overnight.  This also means LEED certified schools are growing out of the ashes.

As such, one has to take time to understand the school systems, how crime issues are managed and where, and how you play a role in all of the above.

Schools: There are tons of all kinds...and many options changing yearly.  HERE is a list of the best and worst. 

Crime: Crime is a problem.  It is not going away.  But you can take control of much of your life in New Orleans.  It can be everywhere but it isn't.  Some areas have more police coverage than others. Visit and bookmark projectnola.com.  This site gives one an insight to what is really going on in the metro area. It allows you to make a more calculated decision as to your level of risk vs rewards when investing in an area.

Recreation: There are many parks and places for recreation, and then there are private gyms, places for yoga and so much more constantly evolving and growing by leaps and bounds.  

New Orleans is a bike friendly place, with an ever growing number of bike trails, bike groups that ride the city for fun times.