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Understanding neighborhoods in New Orleans.




Getting to your places

Buses, Streetcars and beyond

New Orleans offers world-class and unique methods of transportation, from historic streetcars to new bike lanes.  Regional Transit Authority external link, the body overseeing our historic streetcars and buses, helps visitors and locals get around town.

  • Text Your Stop ID external link - Find out when the next streetcar or bus arrives at your stop by texting RTA. Just text your Stop ID to 27299, and find out when the next bus or streetcar is scheduled to arrive at that stop.
  • Jazzy Pass external link - Get a 1-Day, 3-Day or 31-Day Jazzy Pass, available across the city for purchase,  and hop on and off any streetcar or bus for the duration of the pass. 
  • Bike and Ride external link - With temperate weather much of the year, use buses equipped with two bike racks and combine transportation methods.

How to ride a bike in New Orleans

1) Carefully.

2) Ride in the bike lane.

3) Look both ways...even on a one way.

4) Watch for potholes and sewer parts that come out of the road.

5) If you are going to ride drunk, please don't run the red lights....not sop much that you will get a ticket, but more like you will be a statistic...one dead not even in the attic.  The roads are bad enough as it is...don't make them bumpier with your brain parts.

6) Make a mark on it....bikes are stolen here....it appears to be big business....so register your bike with the city and lock it up tight and secure all the time. 

7) Cycling can be fun....most of the city is flat as a pancake, crispy on the edges.  As such, know that it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk, up a one way, or ride like a bozo through the French Quarter...you will be ticketed by the police.

8) Keep a helmet on...(for points 1-7).

9) Put lights on the front and back of your bike...as a minimum.

10) Know your route when you bike late at night...try to ride with others or on well lit streets.  Avoid the scary monstors.


New Orleans can be defined as a series of public spaces that are sometimes private.  Bring two chairs and a bucket or anything and ones living room maybe in a park, a street, or a neautral ground.

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35 ways to do New Orleans like a native

As someone who has lived, breathed and ate my way through New Orleans it is interesting to see how people interpret what I consider to be my city.....through the highways and byways, (and in some cases by simply crossing the street when you were on the way elsewhere one discovers some place and someone new....here is a sampler.

May this be a start to your very own version!

How to understand New Orleans

1) Your new compass is Upriver and downriver....north, south are figments of the rest of America's imagination....West and East are somewhat relevant.

2) Major thoroughfares include neutral grounds...where people, streetcars and bikes traverse.  The center of the road...the place where most accidents occur...between people meeting people, cars meeting cars, bikes meeting streetcars....most of the time in a good way.

3) The weekend starts on Wednesday...as do the socials.....this is a loose term for people getting together for any and all reasons.

4) You are going to be watching less TV.....because everyday when you walk out your door is like a new movie...(and oftentimes is).

5) Celebrities are different here...yeah, yeah, you made a few blockbusters...but for most New Orleanians we really don't care...can you play a musical instrument though....or how is your gumbo? Got Crawfish?  These are the questions that makes one a celebrity here.

6) Grow yourself.  This is not a place to sit and die....on a couch.  You will find alot of people that appear to be over the hill climbing over you to beat you to a line....2nd line, snoball line or otherwise.  If you want to stay young, this is the place to be young, learn something new or be whatever you wanted to be at 12....all over again.   New Orleans is a place to reinvent yourself to the next level of consciousness.

Quick explanation of Spaces and Places

1) A shotgun house... you can look from one end to the other end and shoot a bullet straight through.  Its origins vary....it is a love it or hate it original layout often changed considerably in modern renovations.  It is raised / on piers about 1-3 feet off the ground.

2) Doubles or Duplexes - for New Orleans they are the same.  They are two units under one roof. Great way to have a tenant pay a piece of your mortgage.

3) Triplex - a building that is 3 units.

4) Fourplex - a building that is 4 units.

5) Typical size of a lot in New Orleans:

either 30 X 110 or 45 x 110.  There will be many complications and permutations of this but a good way to have some basis.

Here is a good link to understand how lots are laid out in New Orleans  On this site, you can pull up an address and get information on any property in the city.

You may notice people talk about this style and that style.  It is best to get beyond the talk and see how you feel in a space...this is way more important than a color.  When you visit neighborhoods, you have to comfortable with how the homes in the area feel to you...your personal sense of the buildings....so feel them, touch them, open and close your eyes so it makes sense to your heart.